Industry 4.0 – Logistics

VH Technology develops bespoke industrial warehouse management systems with portable barcode scanners.
Warehouse management systems plays a key role into a company’s efficiency. Inefficient warehouse management often results in loss of time (for example when searching goods inside the warehouse) and loss of money (when the wrong goods are withdrawn and shipped).
If the goods can be easily and efficiently tagged with a bar code, one of the more efficient solution is to use portable bar codes scanners. These scanners, provided with touchscreen, will help the personnel manage the warehouse, indicating where to place (or find) the goods inside the warehouse and checking that the correct goods are being withdrawn/shipped.
If you are considering improving the efficiency of your warehouse management, do not hesitate to contact us. We will develop a system which adapts to your needs, integrates flawlessly into your current ERP system, and delivers the required information anywhere in the company.