Machine Vision

Industrial Automation – Inspection

VH Technology develops Machine Vision systems for quality inspection and robot guidance inside production/assembly lines.

Our Machines and their Software are entirely developed in-house, therefore we can fully adapt our systems to any application and customer need. At VH Technology we are constantly investigating innovative approaches in order to offer our clients the best bespoke solutions to their challenges in a reliable and cost effective way.

In addition to connecting our machines to the line’s PLC, we can also integrate them with your company’s network and exchange information with the ERP system and any other IoT device.

Inspection task for which we have provided solutions include:

  • Inspecting packaging integrity
  • Measurement of surface roughness
  • Inspection of product labeling
  • Inspection of plastic thermosealing
  • Measurement of product physical dimensions
  • Inspection of junctions
  • Gluing verification
  • Check Print quality

We provide more than just a tailored inspection system, we study your production process to elaborate the most efficient way to perform the inspection. Our support will continue after installation and testing to help you get the most out of our system and respond quickly to any need or concern.



If required, our Inspection Systems can be compliant to pharmaceutical standards, such as:

  • FDA – 21 CFR – Part 11
  • EU GMP – Eduralex Vol4 – Annex 11
  • EU GAMP 5 – Good Automated Manufacturing Practice

If you are considering machine vision for automating tasks inside your production processes, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to study your requirements and develop a machine tailored to your application.